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COVID-19 Updates


With the health and safety of our student athletes and their families as our highest priority, Nashua Blast will be suspending the indoor practice season as well as outdoor practices until further notice.

At this time the outdoor fields are off limits until the beginning of April at the earliest. The board has decided to follow suit with the school system in Nashua and will base our decisions on the recommendations from the City and State levels. We wanted to make sure that we are taking the proper steps to keep our student athletes and families safe.

The NHYLA state board has given us a tentative date of Aril 26th that the NHYLA season will begin, but we are reaching out to NHYLA to gauge how confident they feel that we will be capable of getting the season going by that time and get the (7) Seven games in during that time frame. Please know that we are trying to make the best decisions with the information that we have as this is a very different situation than dealt with in years prior.

Should the season be canceled by the direction of the State and NHYLA we will be discussing further actions for the program and will continue to follow up with our Nashua Blast families as we receive more information.

Thank you to all of our families, we understand that there are far worse situations out there that you are dealing with but we wanted to continue our line of communication with the program as promised. We hope that there is some sort of resolve in the coming months so that we can all start to get back to some sort of normalcy in our lives, but these are the times to lean on family and faith and the sport of Lacrosse is a very small tight-knit community and we are all family.

God Bless,
Mark Bolduc


With the continued monitoring of the cancelation of schools and sporting events due to the Corona virus (COVID-19) we have been informed that all schools in Nashua have been canceled for the next week March 16-20th and at this time the Nashua Blast Board of Directors have made the decision to follow suit.

We will be canceling indoor practice for tomorrow March 14th, Wednesday March 18th and Saturday March 21st. We will be holding an emergency Board Meeting to determine the direction of the program for the 2020 season and will continue to monitor the schools plan as well as the state. Once we receive direction from where the school is going we will send out communication with a plan moving forward past this week as it pertains to Indoor practices.

We will not be making a determination for the season until we have gathered as much information from not only USLacrosse but the State as well. Please understand that we do not want to make a quick judgment on our limited time we have for our season but we also want to make sure that we make the right decision for the health and safety of our kids as well as the continued growth of our beloved game.  

Thank you all for understanding this unforeseen situation and please know that we will do our best to get everyone the right information and decision as soon as we can.  

God Bless,

Mark Bolduc
Nashua Blast Youth Lacrosse President


Based on the continued concern of the current situation we wanted to convey our thoughts with the Corona virus (COVID-19) that is resulting in a lot of sports cancellations all over the country and we wanted to let everyone know that we are monitoring the situation and are in talks with the State, USLacrosse and other organizations to make sure that we are making the best decision possible in the safety and best interest of our youth players.

At this time the YMCA is still opened and operating and so we will still be holding practices until we have a better understanding with the entire situation. We are planning to follow suit with the City of Nashua and also with USLacrosse approach on the matter. Should the situation change in the near future we will hold an emergency board meeting and make a decision at that time. We completely understand that this situation is and will be changing rapidly over the next few days, weeks and with more changes over the next couple of months but please understand that our players and families safety is at the forefront of our discussions in the matter.

We do not want to cause any more of a panic than there already seems to be about the situation, but we just wanted to relay the message that we, as a Board Of Directors, are tracking the situation and when we have obtained more information we will send out additional correspondence and updates on the matter as necessary.

Thank you all and God Bless.

Mark Bolduc
Nashua Blast Youth Lacrosse President