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Board Positions Open

Nashua Blast has (3) board positions which they will be looking to fill for the 2024 season.  If you are interested in applying to be a board member please see the openings and requirements here.

  Date to apply is no later than June 15th there are no exceptions to this deadline.

Blast Picture Schedule 


Tuesday May 30th at Pennichuck Middle School

5:10-Boys 8U Purple

5:20-Girls 10U

5:30-Boys 8U Blue

5:40-Boys 12U Purple

5:50-Boys 10U Purple


Wednesday May 31st at Main Dunstable Elementary

5:10-Girls 14U

5:20-Boys 12U Blue

5:30-Girls 8U

5:40-Boys 10U Blue

5:50-Boys 14U Purple






Even if your player is not having their picture taken, please consider showing up for the team picture. 

4Leaf Summer Sixes League 


4 Leaf is running a summer sixes league for town teams. It is not meant to be a club affiliated league but an opportunity for town teams to get some extra playing time. There is 25 minutes of training, and then two 20-minute half games.

It's six Wednesdays in June and July for $110. Depending on how many players they get to register, the goal is for town teams to continue to play together against other teams. This is the first year so if there's not enough town teams, they will do pickup games, but either way, it's a great opportunity to get some extra experience in a fun way at an affordable price.

The games will be in the Hooksett Sports Dome on June 14, 21, 28 | July 12, 19, 26 | 6-8PM. It's small field, six players only at a time, so realistically, we want around 11-13 players for the team but if more sign up that's fine as well they may just split us up a bit.

It's summer, and I understand not everyone will want to do it, which is totally understandable. If you are interested, here is the link to register,

Select "Small Group Registration" and Nashua Blast (and then age group that applies to your player)


4Leaf Lacrosse Summer Programs

4Leaf Lacrosse New England has many options for players of all abilities to play and improve their skill for both girls and boys.


Little Leafers for Boys & Girls K-4th grade

NH Summer Day Camp for Boys & Girls K-10th grade

Seacoast Summer Training Series for Boys & Girls 3rd-12th grade

City of Nashua Lacrosse Camp


Boys Ages 7-14 June 26th-June 30th 9am-12pm at Stellos Stadium

Girls Ages 6-16 July 10th-July 14th 9am-12pm at Stellos Stadium 

The website can be a little tricky and direct you to the registration form, just scan down to see more information on the camps. You can also head right to the RecDesk option for registration.

New Hampshire Tomahawks Summer Camps

New Hampshire Tomahawks are offering 4 weeks of Summer Camp for both Girls and Boys, ages 5-17 years old.


Rivier University Lacrosse Camps for Girls and Boys


Boys Lacrosse Camp July 10th-July 14th and July 24th-July 28th Ages 7-15

Girls Lacrosse Camp July 17th-21st Ages 7-15



Lacrosse Equipment

Below is a list of equipment required for the both the girls and boys game. Keep in mind that Dick's Sporting Goods and Monkey Sports are  great places to try pieces on but it is always best to price out your options.


  • Stick
  • Helmet
  • Mouth Guard
  • Cleats -(soccer cleats ok)
  • Should pads/Chest pad (must be LAX not hockey) MUST have EKG (External Kardic Guard)
  • Gloves
  • Elbow Pads
  • Athletic Supporter


  • Stick
  • Goggles
  • Mouth Guard
  • Cleats (can be soccer cleats)
  • Gloves and Helmets are optional and not mandatory to play


Board of Directors Positions Open

By Sean McCarthy 05/24/2023, 11:30am EDT


By KP 02/02/2016, 11:45pm EST

Many retailers offer "starter" packages which include most gear and a helmet.  This can save you significantly and is a nice option for a new player to the sport.  

Note Com Lax/Pure Hockey of Nashua and Dick's Sporting Goods run several discount days and coupons that benefit Blast.  

Feel free to go to Com Lax and ask for help to pick out the right type of fit for your player (whether you buy it there or not they are very helpful on fitting).

USL EQUIPMENT FITTING GUIDE is a good reference for details on what the gear looks like for both boys and girls.


Helmet (lacrosse specific, not football or hockey)

Shoulder Pads (EKG Certified)

Elbow Pads



Protective Cup






Spandex shorts (for under the kilt)

Tank top/Sports Bra (for under the top)



*Goalies will require additional gear.  New players interested in trying goal keeping, please express that interest to your coach.  Do not purchase goalie specific gear ahead of time.

**Soccer cleats may be worn in lacrosse (not vice versa).  However, there are lacrosse specific cleats you may find provide better support based on the nature of the running and dodging in lacrosse.

***Do not buy a new player an expensive stick.  There are many suitable and affordable lacrosse sticks for beginner boys and girls.  Do not feel compelled to purchase a high end/high price model to start.  There are differences between boys and girls sticks so please make sure you buy a boys model for a boy or a girls model for a girl.


Blast Magnet and Sticker Sets are BACK !! Keep an eye out at indoor practices !!

Nashua Blast Alumni Signing

Nashua blast alumni Kirsten McIntire along with her parents John and Ciki McIntire

It is our absolute pleasure to announce the signing of yet another Nashua Blast alumni.  Nashua South High Senior Kirsten McIntire (seen in photo) signed her National Letter of Intent to continue her lacrosse career at Merrimack College in the fall.  

Kirsten has been a member of the Nashua Blast since as far back as 2008 when she started playing at the 11U level as only a 2nd grader.  Kirsten has grown to become an extremely hard worker on and off the lacrosse field and her recruitment by Division 1 Merrimack College is a testament to that hard work.  

Kirsten didn't end her Nashua Blast involvment once she moved on to play at Nashua South, she has always come back to the program to help coach the youth of the city and give back to the sport she loves.  

Thank you Kirsten for all that you have done for the Nashua Blast and we want to wish you all the best of luck as you continue your student / athlete career at the next level.  


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Click our green NHYLA "state shaped" graphic above to view schedules.  

NOTE: This schedule is subject to change.  Unfortunately, issues do arise and Blast works with NHYLA and our neighboring towns to resolve as quickly as possible.

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